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Meat Grinder


  • Can I order customer sausage? Is there a minimum?
    Absolutely! Our prices for custom sausage are posted here. We can make custom sausage in a number of ways. We accept clean and deboned wild game meat as well as can use beef that you are getting processed in our facility. There is a minimum for custom orders of 30 lb minimum for wild game, 30 lbs for processed beef and 15 lbs for a pre-placed order of our in-house made sausage (ie. 15 lbs of Jalapeno Cheddar for gauranteed delivery). We also follow our policy of using our ground pork in our recipes so we can provide you the best quality product with as little variability as we can control.
  • How can I place an order?
    You may use our online order system on this website or you can also phone our shop and place an order that way as well.
  • How can I book a beef in for processing?
    It is best to contact our shop directly at 306-647-2320. Tyler has a calendar to take bookings and can work with you to find a suitable date for processing. A cut sheet will be emailed to you to detail what you would like for cuts.
  • Do you process wild game?
    Absolutely we do! We offer wild game processing and custom sausage and burger making. Contact Tyler at 306-647-2320 to discuss options.
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