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Wild Game Processing Fees:

Cut & Wrap (Over 100 lbs)- $1/lb 

Cut & Wrap (Under 100 lbs) - $110

Custom Grind - $0.45/lb

Patties - $1.50/lb

Custom Signature Burgers - $2.50/lb

Vac Seal – $0.50/pack 

Paper Wrap Included


Custom Sausage:

Smoked Ukrainian Sausage - $2.75/lb 

Smoked Farmers Sausage - $2.75/lb

Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage - $3.25/lb

Smoked Cheddar Smokies - $3.25/lb

Snack Sticks - $3.25/lb

Custom Fresh Sausage - $2.50/lb



*All Sausage Products are a minimum order size of 30 lbs



Download a copy of our Wild Game Processing Form by clicking on the PDF file below.




Wild Game Processing Form

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