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Processing Fees:

On Farm Slaughter - $0.25/lb plus mileage (beef only)

Cut & Wrap Beef - $0.90/lb 

Cut & Wrap Pork - $1/lb

* Based on hanging weight

We accept beef and pork that you butcher your self. Call ahead to book an appointment - 306-647-2320.

Custom Processing:

In House Signature Burgers - $2.50/lb

Patties - $1.50/lb

Smoked Sausage (Ukrainian or Farmers) - $2.75/lb

Smoked Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage - $3.25/lb

Smoked Snack Sticks - $3.25/lb

Fresh Sausage - $2.50/lb

We recommend a ratio of 50/50 for beef and pork sausage.

Average hang time of 14 days. We are a provincial health authority inspected facility. Cleanliness and food safety are our top priority. 

Click the PDF icon below to download our beef cut sheet.

Beef Cut Sheet

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