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How We Curated Our Box Collection

This past month and a half has changed the way many of us shop. Online grocery shopping and curb side pickup have become the newest services we are all using. When we closed our front door we realized that we needed to make meat shopping easier for you. We look forward to being able to personally recommend products at our front counter again but until then we suggest looking at our Box Collection as a starting point.

I’ll start with our Essentials 1 and 2 boxes. Their names reflect their prices with them being $100 and $200 respectively. Our Essentials 1 box features a beef roast, chicken breasts, pork chops, sausage and bacon. It really is a sampler pack of a lot of what we offer. Our Essentials 2 box has a little less variety but it is anchored by our premium Rib Steaks! As grilling season approaches, order early in the week to ensure you are able to get your hands on these steaks.

Speaking of grilling, our most popular box is our Ready to Grill. It features 4 T-Bones or Striploins, pork ribs, MSM Signature burgers and Harvest Wieners. With this box you will be ready for some serious grilling, just insert the BBQ!

Our Week Night Essentials boxes are designed to help you prepare for easy to cook suppers when you are busy. That could be chilli or homemade burgers with our ground beef, a ring of our Ukrainian sausage, ground pork for spaghetti and meat sauce or pork chops to BBQ for a quick, delicious supper. At their price point they also make great gifts for family or friends.

We offer delivery to Yorkton on Thursday‘s so be sure to include your address at checkout if you want that service. If you wish to place a more custom order with the products you’ve come to know and love feel free to leave us a message, connect on Facebook messenger or call us at 306-647-2320 and we can take your order or help with recommendations.

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